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Lauren Alaina’s That Girl Was Me Tour took on a whole new meaning at a recent show when the singer saw herself in a young fan. The “Getting Good” singer posted a photo of a young girl hugging her and visibly sobbing as she met her in a meet and greet. As noted in the caption, Alaina admits that she did the exact same thing when she first met Carrie Underwood on the set of American Idol. This got Lauren thinking about the kind of impact she is making on young fans with her music.

I got so excited when I saw Carrie in the room that I started sobbing,” Lauren writes. “After I said this to this little girl, I had this crazy moment. I thought, ‘Does my music have the same impact on her that Carrie’s music has on me?!’ I can only hope that my music means as much to little girls (and people of all ages) as Carrie’s music means to me.”




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